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Welcome to “HundKreativ” 

Founders of HundKreativ are Marja Seidemo and Marlene Edvinsson. We are both certified dogtrainers, working at the dogcentre HallåHund, owned by Marlene Edvinsson. Marja is also specialized in behavioral rehabilitation.

In our daily work we meet lots of dogs and owners and although everyone of them is different they all have the same question; “What is the secret formula to successful dog training?”

It´s all about the rewards, how to get your dog into the right excitement level. We strive to develop toys that motivates all kinds of dogs and personalities. Some dogs go crazy over just a ball while others lack natural toy drive. Our goal is to inspire dogs and their owners to play more! Playing is bonding with your dog and at the same time reinforcing behaviors.

Our keypoints:

  • Multifunctional toys
  • Crazy colors as a motivator
  • Durable high quality products
  • Playful and creative design

Join us on Facebook and Instagram, and check out for our webshop – soon to be launched!
You can also find our products at HallåHundShopen Hyssna, Sweden.

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